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5 Tips To Consider Before Building a Website

So you require a website; that’s great. Take it from us. By doing some basic research before jumping into the deep end, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

We get tons of people asking us where to start and what they should think when creating a website, which is awesome, but if you want to get the ball rolling fast, we enjoy going through the project from start to finish.

1. The objective

This may seem intuitive, but you need to have a definite vision for your website. Is it about building an online identity for your company? Is it for personal use, such as a blog post or a portfolio? Are you marketing your products? Is your website a way for clients to find you? Without a defined target, it’s almost difficult to get started.

2. Provide References

Study the websites of your rivals or select the websites that you want to look at. Not only can this help to narrow the target of your website, but it will give us an idea of what theme and design you want to achieve from your new website.

3. Website Content

This is perhaps the most critical aspect for a fast turnaround. You may already have a website and you’re pleased with the content – that’s great, it’s easy to upload a copy. If you don’t have any material at all, you need it. If you write it yourself or someone else does, the material helps to construct a site map (a map of where everything is on your website), which is important.

4. Identity & Branding

A portfolio is going to suffice! For big corporations, we’re talking about logos and any other promotional content you might already have. Alternatively, we will design all sorts of branding content whether you’re trying to update or upgrade your new branding identity.
Your website has no credibility without branding. Even if the site is meant for personal use, there always needs to be a branding feature.

5. Website Color

Your color scheme may complement your logo, or you may have a simple view of your website. Colors aren’t really the be-all and end-all, but it sure helps to know the “feel” you’re looking for right from the start. We realize that selecting colors to use on your website isn’t as easy as it sounds, but we’re pretty well tuned to choose colors that match each other.

Temitope Benson
Temitope Benson

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